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    Combining the power of digital technology with calibrated scientific standards, we have created the first affordable and completely mobile testing laboratory.

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Committed to Cannabis

Combining the power of digital technology with calibrated scientific standards, we have created the first internationally certified cannabis analytical method and laboratory protocol. We generate a visual profile, identify and quantify the six main cannabinoids present in your cannabis products, allowing you to assess its pharmacological effect.

  • People want to know what's in their medicine, but for what I'm doing I do not need forensics," said Mari Meds' Kent. "Cannatest's testing kit shows me the combination of cannabinoids and their potency and that's what we need.
    Mari Meds, access point Belfair, WA
  • Here at Delta 9 we are ecstatic to be working with Cannatest. The work you do helps us to help our members in the community by being able to choose a medicine with an individual cannabinoid profile that best fits their specific needs. Our patients are happy to be educated on profiling to their personal well being and quality of life. The hard work and long hours you all put in is not going unnoticed, and we are very thankful to be working with such a great company and such great people!
    Delta9, access point Seattle, WA
  • Cannatest is the most accurate and professional testing group I have found to date. They are fast and accurate, and they come to you. Truly awesome! I'd recommend them to anyone.
    The Medicine Jar, access point Seattle, WA
  • Mobile Cannabinoid Analysis Testing could revolutionize the already legal medical cannabis market in Canada...for breeders, growers, medical cannabis clubs and consumers alike.  The benefits of such a test are immediately obvious -- over and above its use and affordability, cannabis analysis testing promotes harm reduction and the effective use of cannabis.
    Toronto Compassion Club

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